Narrative Film Selections




Director: Mitch Moore


A man's infatuation with a new client leads to a metaphorical crossroads where both must come to terms with their respective pasts.

Raising Buchanan


Director: Bruce Dellis


In suburban Phoenix, 40-year-old Ruth Kiesling is not exactly “living the dream.” She’s a donut shop employee with anger issues. She’s got no mother, a dead brother, and a father in hospice. Her few friends include her roommates: Meg, her game-for-anything confidante since junior high; Holly, a somewhat level-headed janitor and amateur ventriloquist; and her probation officer, Philip Crosby.

Ruth’s only creative outlet is playing her cello in the background of a series of popular YouTube videos featuring Errol, an egotistical ventriloquist. Errol lords over a community of loyal ventriloquists who proudly (and literally) wear their allegiance to their “art”; their dummies are strapped across their torsos like badass bandoleros.

In the Land of Moonstones


Director: Nicola Rose


A young girl looks back on an extraordinary time in her life — winter vacation the year she was eleven, when she went to visit her beloved Russian grandmother in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn. But it wasn't just any ordinary vacation. That was the winter she fell in love for the first time, with an extraordinary boy just her age. Now, some time later, she remembers the joys and sorrows that followed.

Peggy or: The Art of Coveting in the Age of Social Media


Director: Justin O'Neal Miller


Everything seems to work out perfectly for Peggy, but her social graces are put to the test when she is surrounded by admiring and covetous parents at a birthday party for her eight-year-old son. Chaos ensues.

I Am Not There


Director: Lama Alshehaby


When Lama’s family told her that they should leave Syria. She reacted like any teenager who forced to move away. Lama follows reluctantly with her family to Sweden where she struggles to accept and conform to her new situation. 



Director: Michael Papich


A surreal comedy, an underachieving woman gets fired from her job at a bank but uncovers international fraud in the process. To catch the bank's executives and keep herself out of prison, she pretends to be in on the scheme and learns that everyone fakes it until they make it.

The Adventures of Wonderboy


Director: Marti Young


When the nefarious Dr. Black threatens the future of Nashville, it's up to Wonderboy to save the day.



Director: Sri Mirajkar


How important a role does tolerance, acceptance and patience play for a woman of substance looking for romance in today's political and social climate? Habaneros will give you some answers, or maybe leave you with a few questions of your own! 


A Fiddle Faddle Fable


Director: Jeff Zampino


A Chaplin-esque silent comedy. Logline: When a wily hobo discovers a famous pianist’s trunk full of high-fashion clothes, he impersonates the man and causes hijinx around town.



Director: Sandy Parker


A teenaged girl talks to her therapist about her feelings of isolation in a world that has changed in ways that are beyond her control, and the vague memory of a disturbing incident that continues to haunt her.

The Second Shore


Director: Åsa Sandzén


Close to death and close to life. What happens when the body undergoes a trauma and death approaches? Mona, Andreas and Iki tell their own stories of close encounters with their own mortality. This animated documentary is based on in-depth interviews and the director's personal experience.



Director: Lei Wan


It is a story of courage. A remote cabin, a retired army, and an angel. When a murder happening at another side of the wall, what should Kevin do without his lucky coin?

Prometta Mi

English Subtitles

A Sicilian family struggles with dysfunctional dynamics surrounding their grandmother’s 75th birthday. Made in Italy with an Italian cast and crew,  highly awarded, Tiffany Rhodes, Ms. Rhodes an American writer/director, speaks authentically about family culture and family struggles. Short film/ English Subtitles

The Man From Gath


Director: Gabriel Garcia


The story of David and Goliath, as told as a western... if it were directed by Quentin Tarantino

Sweet Tooth


Director: Mike Stryker Zac Adams


A gruesome entity attaches itself to an unsuspecting family.

Leave the Bottle


Director: Jeremiah Dunlap


A psychiatrist with questionable intentions walks into a dive bar far from his home and is intrigued by a woman who may have some intentions of her own.



Director: Will Berry


An uncultured young man honors his late father by taking his guitar to Nashville.

Documentary Selections


I Want My MTV

A touchstone in the lives of millions of young people, as well as a home for musicians and filmmakers to display their frequently offbeat sense of artistic vision, upstart music network MTV burst onto televisions on August 1, 1981. Via a combination of the scrappy handful of young adults serving as hosts, the fly-by-the-seat-of-their-pants production style, and the music mini-movies that were the foundation of the original channel, MTV was like nothing Americans had ever seen before. 


Director - Tyler Measom

Runtime - 86min

Embark upon this amazing journey through the life of America’s beloved heroines, Rosa Parks, as her family introduces a side of Parks few people knew. Her cousin, personal caretaker and assistant, Carolyn Williamson Green, along with Parks’ researcher, Dr. Jeanne Theoharis, gives us a glimpse behind the stoic icon who was indeed a rebel against discrimination not only in the South, but also in the North. Follow Green’s passion as she keeps her cousin’s memory alive through a lifetime of public service in the city of Detroit.

My Life with Rosie


Director: Angela Sadler Williamson


Jumpin' Johnny


Director: Cameron McCasland


Profile on Dr. John Kline, better known as Jumpin' Johnny Kline who played for the Harlem Globetrotters from 1953-59. After his basketball career he struggled with drug addiction before finding a path to sobriety and returning to school to gain his bachelors, masters, and doctorate. Then proceeding to help people into drug recovery and becoming and advocate for black basketball players who played for integration.

How Should

Humans Live?


Director: Jake Bergen


A palliative care doctor visits a bitter, dying patient.

Charley Pride:

I'm Just Me


Director: Barbara Hall


He arrived in Nashville in 1963 while the city was the site of sit-ins and racial violence. Two years later, he was a recording artist on a major label in the otherwise lily-white country music field, and in short time he became a superstar whose path would lead him to a Grammy Lifetime Achievement award and a place in the Country Music Hall of Fame.

What Leads to

Human Flourishing?


Director: Jake Bergen


In the fast paced Asian culture in which they live, two people consider a potential relationship in light of technology, cultural and family pressure, careers and personal goals.

Run the North


Director: Jake Bergen


A motley group of adventurers gather to challenge an extreme cold-weather marathon in the wilds of the ‘Polar Bear Capital of the World’. Each of these individuals has their own incredible story of what is driving them to do something most people would consider crazy, and along the way find an unexpected story of reconciliation between estranged communities.

Ridin' Ropin' & Jumpin' Over Cars


Director: Elaine Smith


The story of a bigger than life woman who lived an amazing life in rodeo in the 1930's - 1960's is depicted in this documentary created from interviews with the now 90-year-old and her unbelievable treasure of memorabilia.

Miracles from the Killing Fields


Director: Jeremy Crouch


Sothy Trang and his fellow church members tell their stories of surviving the Cambodian Genocide and Coming to America

She Should Run - Cyprus


The film explores in depth the recent history of Cyprus including the Turkish invasion, human rights issues and gender equality through the experiences of nine women involved in politics in Cyprus.


Director: Helen LaFrance

Helene LaFrance is a self-taught black artist who was born in 1919 in Western Kentucky. Her specialty is memory paintings of the disappearing lifestyle of the rural South, although she has painted and interpreted religious themes and floral studiesBut it is her paintings that most strongly suggest a common human experience. The synthesis of her personal history, folk tradition, artistic invention and expression is what makes her unique and thus important.   LaFrance's work is held in many important private collections, including Gayle King,

Windows Into a Contemplative World


For over 20 years, Anne Goetze made repeated journeys to Annecy, France, to visit her Aunt Helen, Soeur Margarite Marie, at the Monestere de la Visitation, home to the Visitation Order. In this small order, over 400 years old, the nuns live closed cloistered, a simple, contemplative life that does not include interaction with the public. Subsequently she has been to other sister (cloistered) orders to document their lifestyle and philosophy. "Windows…” is a glimpse into this world and a component of her feature film “Pray to Love” with an anticipated worldwide release in 2020

Soul of Yodeling


Yodeling has long been ridiculed and misconceived as a music genre that mostly occurs in bierstuben in Alp countries.

The Soul of Yodeling presents a different story.

In a film full of great and soulful music we learn that yodeling is not a genre but a voice technique that is being used all over the world, in different cultures and in various contexts.

Finally the film twists even our perception of Alpine music when we get to meet musicians that have brought the Swiss yodeling to unexpected levels.

Student Film Selections


Signing Day


Director: Justin Malone


 Signing day, a student film

Knee High


Director - Marissa Von

Runtime - 14min

Set against the Iowa farmlands, KNEE HIGH follows Calvin Melbourne as he struggles to keep hold of the reins to the family farm while still making time for his young son, Avery.



Director: Savvana Petrou


A young girl goes hiking deep in the falls, little does she know she's about to find out what survival truly entails.



Director: Fiona Kida


Adrian helps his ex-girlfriend move out of her more recent ex-boyfriend’s house, as he searches for the lingering chance that they may re-connect.


(Or Good Morning)


Director: Bradley Plausse


“Goodnight (or Good Morning)” is the coming-of-age story of a senior in high school, who wrestles with responsibilities towards his family—protecting his mother from his quick-tempered father. His life is changed when an outspoken, progressive girl unexpectedly shows up to his youth group. This is the directorial debut of Bradley Plausse, a senior attending the Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts high school.



Director: Ellison Murphree


A young housewife ruins her husband's Major League Baseball career during the unrest of the Vietnam War


Music Films

Better Off

Music Video

Director: Spaceship


Cherie Berry

Music Video

Director: Bettina Floyd


His Town - Flagship Romance

Music Video

Director: Cody Fisher


He Needed Killin'

Episode Promo Music Video

Director: Ashley Raymer-Brown



Safe and Warm is award winning singer Katie Garibaldi's love song for Jesus from her Christmas Album.


Foreign Films




Director: MengNa Jiang


In this film, 2 actresses played this role. The purpose of the director is to express that the girl confuses her self-perception, and her life seems to always have “another" her’s company...

49 Years After

Above Limits

49 Yrs

49 yrs


The friendship between two enemies is the nucleus of the world peace! -  In 1960 in the Greek Island of Rhodes, Elias-38 years old, tells his daughter, Sofia-10 years old, a story from the World War II, about the  friendship and love developed between him and a German soldier.  

Are You Volleyball?


Director: Mohammad Bakhshi


A group of Arabian spoken asylum seekers arrive to an English spoken country border and can't keep going. They conflict with border soldiers everyday till a deaf-mute baby becomes a catalyst for better communication between two groups.

Rainbow Roses


2018, Greece. Many organizations and individuals continue the volunteer efforts to help refugees become be part of Greek urban life and to act in coexistence and harmony in the near future. Dr Mahmoud Abdel Rasul, the son of immigrants from Sudan, dreams that all inhabitants of Greece, of all colors of the rainbow, can embrace each other in Peace.

In Between


Director: Anna Lönn Franko


In Between is a surreal and absurdist comedy about three decadent women artists who live together in a common apartment. Majken av Gyllenkant, a narcoleptic musician cut off from her noble legacy, but dreaming of finding the right sound, Ursula Frid, a paranoid former war photographer and a technical genius with her confidant, teddy bear Person and Karna af Mannerheim, an anarchist feminist performanceartist, obsessed with large sausages, working on the art installation ”The Revenge of the Three Graces”. Those three artists are frivolous, heedless dreamers without day jobs. Suddenly they get evicted by the new landlord, the unscrupulous housing enterprise Djurfors Vision group. Furtively the three women move in to this oblique place in between. Only chaos goes with chaos. 

Purpose Films


Reap What You Sow


Director: Tyler Adams


The Reap What You Sew tailoring school in Malawi Africa is transforming the lives of desitute women by teaching them a skill that will sustain their families in one of the poorest countries in the world.

The Sun Never

Sets on Integrity


Director: Church of Almighty God


Wang Xinyu and her husband run a clothing shop, and though at first they try to operate their store with conscience, they see the evil and darkness in the world and think that could lead to success. Instead there is poor decision making to follow. The couple discovers they must make a choice of who they want to be and how they wish to live. 

Miracle in East Texas


Director - Kevin Sorbo

Runtime - 98min

Inspired by a true story, Kevin Sorbo (‘Doc’ Boyd) and John Ratzenberger (‘Dad’ Everett) play Bible-quoting con men in the 1930’s. After being run out of Oklahoma, they set up their ‘oil rig’ scam in Texas, seducing wealthy widows and the members of the only black church in the county. But just as their plan comes to fruition, everything suddenly goes awry, and they are faced with the most important decision of their lives. Funny, engaging and uplifting, this is the incredible story of two men discovering the good that is buried within themselves.