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2019 Festival Winners

Winner Best Animated Film                      Winner Best Comedy                                   Winner Best Comedy Short

THE SECOND SHORE.                          RAISING BUCHANAN.                                PEGGY

Winner Best Documentary                       Winner Best Doc Short.                                 Winner Best Student Film       

 JUMPIN' JOHNNY.                              RIDIN' ROPIN' JUMPIN OVER CARS.                DAISY

Winner Best Music Film.                        Winner Best Drama (TIE)                                 WInner Best Drama (TIE)

I WANT MY MTV                                 NASEDONIA                                               lEAVE THE BOTTLE

Winner Best Foreign FIlm (S)                   Winner Best Foreign Film                                 Winner Best Purpose Film

WHAT LEADS to HUMANS FLOURISHING         RAINBOW ROSES (Trilogy)                                        MIRACLE IN EAST TEXAS (P)

Winner Judge's Choice                                   Winner Best Music Film (S)

ARE YOU VOLLEYBALL?                         CHERIE BERRY

2019 Film List

Legend: (N) Narrative, (D) Documentary, (S) Student, (M) Music Film, (F) Foreign), (P) Purpose Film


Panels and Workshops included Seed & Spark, Incentives for Music and film  Sync, Licensing and composition, Casting,Pitch & Dealmaking, and Animation/Gaming Industry panel. . Panelists and experts were Tsalia Abesadze, Tamara Trexlor, Kimberly Skyrme, Hazel Joyner Smith, Anna Lonn Franko, Brian Shun, David Smith, Brian Gall, Dave Debord, Hal "Corky" Kessler, Christina Raia, Tiffany Rhodes, Barbara Hall, Angela Green, Lisa Arnold and included Brooks Robinson, Raul Torres, Carla Christina Contraras and KImmy Inez.