On behalf of Williamson County Cultural Arts Commission, the greater Williamson County and Nashville film community, Tennessee Entertainment Commission, our sponsors, staff and volunteers, Thank you for joining us at 2020 FIIFF.  It was a new festival due to our uninvited guest COVID 19.  Nonethe less we had a fantastic festval. Our filmmakers showed finesse and a penchant for stories. That along with the positive messages brought forth in most of the projects ensured that our audiences were highly entertained. Let me tell you I have had so many positive comments I dont have enough time to list them all. The criticism was that audiences wanted more than one day for viewing. Just hearing that allows us to believe we are providing a welcome service here.  We have wonderfully creative filmmakers who have stories to tell and we have enthusiastic audiences who want to celebrate and watch the films presented. Thank you all for believing we could achieve a great festival, present stories worth hearing and that our industry panels would provide information worth knowing. YOU ARE WHY WE DO THIS.

We wish you the best and many positive experiences in the upcoming year. We hope to see many of you returning in 2021 for our 5th Anniversary. We have already accepted two films to our event. 

As many know, Franklin is a place where Celebrities & Music Stars often collide with a friendly  local crowd. Screenwriters & celebrities alike will enjoy the ambiance, fraternity, and social experience that comes with a visit to Franklin, Tennessee. Our state is consistantly in the top 10 in the USA for film, television & new media industry jobs.  Franklin was just named "One of the Best Places to Live in the USA." Whether you are attending the festival because your project is screening, you are a film aficionado or imagining your next film project,  FIIFF 2021 will introduce filmmakers, film workers and guests, to a place where anything is possible. Our cultural arts landscape,  highly motivated volunteers and staff will be ready for you in 2021; and we are excited to welcome you online with  warmest Southern charm. Happy Holidays.

Nancy Puetz, Founder/Executive Director